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Ok, for starters, I’ve come to find that everyone has their own special idea of how this should be done. As for me, I choose to take the no fuss – no muss route!

I am not a huge DIY person, but there are a few DIY projects I do.  For me it’s all about the ease of the project or I just won’t bother with it.

For $1.oo I purchased a 10 oz pear scented liquid soap – at Target, and my DIY trial began. What I found is this:  my $1.00 purchase made 3 bottles of the foam soap that I paid $5 – $9 per bottle for.  It still smelled great & cleaned as well as the more expensive soap.
This is how:   3 no fuss – no muss steps:

STEP ONE:  You will need dispenser bottles. 

You can purchase empty foaming dispensers in an array of sizes & styles, online & at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, & dollar shops near you:


I used my empties from previous purchases:
mango mandarin

Mango Mandarin from Bath & Body Works!

STEP TWO:  You’ll need transparent liquid soap. 

Choose any scent you like.  Many of the shops mentioned above, offer a variety of scents & sizes for around $1.00 (give or take).
** NOTE:  You can use any liquid soap, shower gels & dish soap, but the soap itself must be transparent!  Cream soaps will NOT work!!  Shower gels are typically a bit thicker, so use less gel when mixing.

 STEP THREE: You’ll need hot tap water.

No Fuss – No Muss…REALLY!!!  Whatever the size of the bottle you are using for the foaming soap, you will use 1/3 liquid soap & 2/3 water. Remember to leave room at the top of the bottle as the pump will take up some space.  I  use hot tap water because it mixes better (do not boil the water).  Add the water SLOWLY so suds don’t build up in bottle.  After you’ve added the liquid soap & water, place & tighten the pump.  Gently tip the bottle back & forth until it’s well mixed, making sure no unmixed liquid soap rests on the bottom. That’s important as it will clog the pump. Once it’s well mixed, prime the pump by compressing it, after a few presses it should be a perfect foam!

Foamy soap!

If you’re a die hard Bath & Body Works shopper (or not), keep an eye out for their sales on your favorite scents, liquid hand soaps, & shower gels. They discontinue many scents often, & their sales are really pretty discounted.  More so if you hold out till the end, but keep in mind, the scent choices will be more limited as well.  Cheaper – but less choice.

Enjoy and happy foaming!!!   🙂














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